You can specify multiple boxes and different temperatures in Polar Speed. Shiptheory will process it in the following order

  1. Delivery Instruction: For example, Shiptheory will create 3 ambient boxes and 1 chilled box with this instruction: "Put inside the shed Ambient: 3 Chilled: 1". e.g.

    Delivery Instruction
    Shiptheory will create
    Ambient: 3 Chilled: 1
    3 ambient boxes and 1 chilled box 
    Put inside the shed Ambient: 3 Chilled: 2
    3 ambient boxes and 2 chilled boxes
    Chilled: 5
    5 chilled boxes

    The multiple boxes information will be removed from the instruction automatically.

  2. EnhancementYou can specify the number of boxes in the UI and choose the temperature in Enhancement. If you leave the Enhancement blank, Shiptheory will take the temperature value set in Setting.

  3.  Setting: Shiptheory will take a temperature value set in Setting if a temperature is not selected in Enhancement. If you need different temperatures for boxes, please specific it in Delivery Instruction as stated above.