Shiptheory allows you to specify the number of boxes for a Peoplevox shipment without needing to manually update the box count within the Shiptheory platform.

The first way to add box count is through the package type barcode field. With this field Shiptheory will search for the following strings: Label.Qty.X , box=X , boxes=X. If there is a match Shiptheory will automatically update the box count, else it will default to one box. 

Additionally you can use delivery instructions. Shiptheory will again search for the following strings to match a box count:  Label.Qty.X , box=X , boxes=X. 

If there are multiple matches Shiptheory will first check the package type field and then fall back to the delivery instructions. If multiple strings are entered Shiptheory will search for Label.Qty, then box= and finally boxes= . Shiptheory will not add up multiple box values and will simply return the first value.

If you are still having trouble or require further assistance reach out to our support team!