When using Ground Economy you will need to enter a Hub ID. In order to do this you will need to enter your closest Hub ID within your advanced settings. 

To locate your FedEx settings Go to Carriers > FedEx > Advanced Settings > Ground Economy Hub ID  

Once there enter your Hub ID, a list of Hub IDs are provided below:

NOMA Northborough5015
WICT Windsor5061
EDNJ Edison5087
NENJ Newark5095
SBNJ South Brunswick5097
NENY Newburgho5110
PTPA Pittsburgh5150
MAPA Macungie5183
ALPA Allentown5185
SCPA Scranton5186
PHPA Philadelphia5194
BAMD Baltimore5213
MAWV Martinsburg5254
CHNC Charlotte5281
ATGA Atlanta5303
ORFL Orlando5327
TAFL Tampa5345
METN Memphis5379
GCOH Grove City5431
GPOH Groveport Ohio5436
ININ Indianapolis5465
DTMI Detroit5481
NBWI New Berlin5531
MPMN Minneapolis5552
WHIL Wheeling5602
STMO St. Louis5631
KCKS Kansas City5648
DLTX Dallas5751
HOTX Houston5771
DNCO Denver5802
SCUT Salt Lake City5843
PHAZ Phoenix5854
RENV Reno5893
LACA Los Angeles5902
COCA Chino5929
SACA Sacramento5958
SEWA Seattle5983

(Hub ID list correct as of March 2024)

Should you have any further questions, please get in contact with the Shiptheory support team who will be happy to help!