When attempting to use the Cash on Delivery with DPD.hu you may run into the following error:  When using COD, a reference must be specified. 

To resolve the error there are two ways to do this, first add a COD reference into your delivery instructions. This can be done by entering COD_Reference: XXXXX within the delivery instructions as shown below where XXXXX is replaced by your COD reference. Do note that only references 1-16 numerical digits only will be valid and recognised: 

If you have not entered a COD reference in the delivery instructions or the number entered is not valid Shiptheory will next check reference 2 of the order. This will be the first value shown when viewing the Shipment, in the example below this is "Shipment 1"

From this Shiptheory will strip all whitespace and letters, again using the example above this will mean the COD reference returned will be 1.

If both fail then you will be met with the below error:

If you're still having problems get in contact with our support team who will be more than happy to help.