When using DPD.hu you are able to specify the Pick Up date and time of your consignments. To enable this setting you will first need to navigate to your DPD.hu settings page which can be found by going to Carriers > DPD.hu.

Once on the settings page you will want need to go to the advanced settings page and then you will need to find the 'Specify Pick Up Date' setting which is also shown below:

With the setting enabled we will always try to send a Pick Up Date across to DPD.hu, this is done by taking the Ship Date and then the From Time & To Time set in the setting above.

Note: If a ship date is not set for a consignment it will default back to the current day of the booking.

While this setting is enabled DPD.hu will always try to collect all parcels booked within the timeframe set. Before enabling this feature it is advised that you speak to your DPD.hu account manager to ensure your collection time is compatable with the values you set within Shiptheory.

If you're still having problems get in contact with our support team who will be more than happy to help.