To access your Advanced Settings within Shiptheory, click the option in the bottom left of the Direct Link settings page in Shiptheory:

Within this page, you'll see the following settings:

  • Test Mode
    When Test Mode is active, labels will be test labels and not chargeable. Test mode requires separate test account details.

  • Default Parcel Dimensions
    If you don't specify parcel dimensions, would you like to set default parcel dimensions to be sent to Direct Link? Dimensions are in centimetres.

  • Specify Weight Conditions
    You can specify either a minimum weight value that will be sent to Direct Link, or set all shipments to the weight specified here. This can be helpful if you don't have weights set for some or all of your products.

  • International Export Reason
    What is your reason for sending any international shipments? This is used for customs declarations.

  • Customs Return Handling
    In the event a shipment cannot be delivered, how should it be handled? Note: Only valid for shipments booked with the "Merchandise Mail Plus Level 3 Parcel" service.

If you have any questions regarding these settings, please Contact Support.