To add Direct Link to your Shiptheory account, the first step is to head to your Manage Carriers page and add Direct Link:

The initial connection will require four bits of information:

  • Direct Link Customer Number
  • Postnord Customer Number
  • Direct Link PO Box Number
  • Postnord PO Box Number

Both of these can be confirmed with your Direct Link account manager if you're unsure of this information. Before saving your settings, you'll also want to input a General Goods Description, which will be an overall general description of the type of goods you'll be sending with Direct Link.

The other selection to make is the Default Currency you'll be sending with. This will only be used with International orders and will only be used if you don't specify a shipment's specific currency within Shiptheory or from your channel.

After confirming these details, you can click Test Connection and before leaving, click Save.

You'll also see the option to access Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page, for more information on these options, please see here.

If you have any questions or issues there, please Contact Support.