Please follow the steps below to allow Shiptheory to push a tracking number, tracking link or shipping cost to custom fields in your NetSuite Item Fulfillment. You will need to create a few Transaction Body Fields in NetSuite so that Shiptheory can update the values to Item Fulfilment via the mapping.

Set up the custom fields in NetSuite

Log into NetSuite and navigate to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields. 

Create a new field.

- For TYPE, please choose Free Form Text, and tick the Store Value

In Applies to, Tick ITEM FULFILLMENT

Click Save to confirm it. Now the setup in NetSuite is complete.

Set up the mapping in Shiptheory

First, in Shiptheory, navigate to Channels > NetSuite  to go to your NetSuite setting page. Click Advanced Settings and scroll down to the Update Item Fulfillment Custom Fields section. Enter the relevant custom field IDs into the text fields.

Where to view the updated values in NetSuite

All updates are made to your Item Fulfillment record if a custom field ID has been entered in your advanced NetSuite settings in Shiptheory. By default custom fields and their values are displayed under the Custom tab when viewing an Item Fulfillment.