When using Deutsche Post the CN22 slip on the label is limited to a maximum of 5 products, this is a limitation with Deutsche Post, however Shiptheory have settings which can get around the above restriction.

To access your Deutsche Post settings, simply log into Shiptheory and then click, Carriers > Deutsche Post > Settings. 

Once on the settings page you will need to scroll to the bottom and hit "Advanced Settings" and then Scroll down until you find the setting title Consolidate Product Data, an image of the setting is also shown below:

When selecting each option it is important to note each will affect how Shiptheory corrolates and sends your consignment data to Deutsche Post, an explaination of each setting is outlined below, if you are still unsure reach out to the Shiptheory support team here.

No, send first five products:

When this setting is enabled Shiptheory will send the first 5 unique item lines which will then be visible on the CN22, the example below shows which 5 products would be sent.

Yes, consolidate to five products

When this setting is enabled Shiptheory will combine products if they have the same HS code, description and manufacture country. When this happens Shiptheory will merge both the weight and values and add this as the combined line totals, if after the merge there is still more then five products these will be cut off.

Yes, consolidate to one product 

While this setting is enabled Shiptheory will always send 1 product line with the weights and values added and split evenly. The commodity data used for this setting is found within the Import/Export docs which can be accessed directly here. Alternatively you can change this by logging into Shiptheory and navigating to Settings > Import/Export Documentation and then going to the Advanced Settings and filling out the commodity data fields shown below:

Note: The consolidate to one product setting should only be used if all your products are near identical else this may cause issues at customs. 

While consolidate to one product is enabled an additional setting will appear asking for use of either using shipment value or sum of products:

While using shipment value each product value will be calculated by the total value / product quantity and this will be sent to Deutsche Post. Alternatively sum of shipment products will use the product values within the data, it is important to ensure that your values are correct before changing this setting as Shiptheory will not accept responsibility for additional surcharges caused by incorrect custom value declarations.

If you have any questions or issues from there, please feel free to contact Support.