Currently Shiptheory does not support a mixture of normal and oversize pallets on a single shipment. If you wish to ship an oversize item, you can only ship oversized items with that shipment. If you wish to ship normal items, then you cannot add an oversized item to the shipment.

Pallet-Track allows oversize pallets. When a pallet base exceeds 1.2m x 1.2m it is considered an oversized pallet.  If there are oversized pallets on a job, then you can indicate this by filling in the number of lifts in Shiptheory. This will equate to the number of oversize pallets on your shipment. 

Pallet-Track calculate charging by using the normal pallet sizes (FULL, HALF, QUARTER) to equate to the size of the oversize pallet. For example we could define 1 oversize pallets (1 tail lift) and that would equate to 3 full pallets. These pallets must still be entered as packages when booking the shipment with Shiptheory. This is shown in the example below...