When sending an order with CSM, a shipment may fail due to weight limit. To send with CSM, the order weight cannot be less than 0.1kg. There are a couple of ways to rectify this.

Change the product weight in your sales channel

Adjusting the weight of your product to be 0.1kg or above in your sales channel will maintain automation as your orders are sent through Shiptheory to the carrier.

Manually adjusting the order weight in Shiptheory

Find the failed order in your dashboard.

Click View from the drop-down menu, from here you can edit the order details. Scroll to weight and insert at least 0.1kg.

With the now updated weight, enter the service you are looking to ship with and click Create Label.

This will resend the order with the now updated weight. If you try the above and are still having issues with weight limits for CSM, please get in touch.