Connecting Shiptheory with your UPS shipping account is quick and easy - we'll get you set up in no time!

Before you start

You'll need to know the account number of the UPS shipping account you'd like to connect with Shiptheory. Log in to your UPS account at and go to Your Profile >Accounts and Payment Options. Make a note of the Number of the account:

Connect UPS

In Shiptheory, select Carriers > Manage Carriers and click on UPS to add the courier integration to your account and redirect you to the settings page:

Enter your UPS shipping account number from the previous step and click Connect.

You will be redirected to UPS and asked to log in with your UPS account details again to confirm the connection and then redirected back again to Shiptheory:

All you need to do now is enter a simple, default description of your goods, e.g. "Sports Clothing", confirm your default sales currency and click Save.

If you receive any errors, please double-check your UPS account login details or try logging into your account normally first at If you're still having any issues, please contact your UPS account manager.

For any other issues or questions regarding Shiptheory, please just reach out to our support team!