Before you can start to book collections and shipments with Zedify, you will need to set associations between your products in Zedify and products in Shiptheory. This helps Shiptheory to know which Zedify products to book for each collection/shipment in relation to products from your sales channels.

How to Associate Products

In Shiptheory, select Carriers > Manage Carriers > Zedify to go to your settings page. You should see Link Products and a list of all your Zedify products:

Click Edit Associated SKUs for a product to open a popup where you can search for and add Shiptheory product SKUs. You can add as many as you need:

Once added, click Save on the popup and then click Save on your settings page.

Should you have any further questions, please get in contact with the Shiptheory support team who will be happy to help!