1, Enable Features

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features

Go to the SuiteCloud tab and enable the following features:

  • Token-based authentication
  • Custom records
  • Client SuiteScript
  • Server SuiterScript
  • SuiteScript server pages
  • SOAP web services
  • SuiteCloud development framework

2, Install the application on NetSuite

Navigate to the SuiteApps tab in NetSuite and search for "Shiptheory"

Click on Shiptheory and then click "Install". NetSuite will install the application to your NetSuite account.

3, Assign a user the role of 'Shiptheory' in NetSuite

Once you've installed the application you should assign the role of 'Shiptheory' to a user of your choice. This role has the minimum permissions required to use the Shiptheory application. These are as follows:

NetSuite Feature
Permission Level
Fulfill Orders
Find transaction
Item ShipmentEDIT
Sales OrderVIEW
Contacts ListVIEW
Currency ListVIEW
Customers ListVIEW
Items ListVIEW
Locations ListVIEW
Notes Tab ListCREATE
SOAP Web ServicesFULL
User Access TokensFULL
Shiptheory Settings Custom Record

In order to assign the role to a user go to Lists > Employees > Employees

Then edit the user of your choice.

Select the Access tab, then Roles and add the Shiptheory role.

4, Create your integration record in Shiptheory

In Shiptheory navigate to 'Channels' then create a new NetSuite integration.

6, Set up your Shiptheory SuiteApp in NetSuite

In Shiptheory copy the value of your NetSuite API Key to your clipboard.

Go to NetSuite and log into the user you assigned the 'Shiptheory' role to and select that role to use. Once you've selected that role go to Shiptheory > Options > Settings.

Paste you API key you copied from Shipttheory into the 'API Key' field in your settings. Then select which status you want your Item Fulfillments to be in order for them to be sent to Shiptheory by selecting an option in the 'Trigger Status' field in your settings.

7, Connect in Shiptheory

Find your Account ID in NetSuite by going to the Setup menu and select Company then Company Information, your Account ID will be in the right hand column.

In Shiptheory go to the settings page for your NetSuite integration and enter your Account ID and press 'CONNECT'.

You will be redirected to NetSuite where you will need to give Shiptheory permission to access your NetSuite account. You should use the user who you gave the role of 'Shiptheory' to and you should use the 'Shiptheory' role when logging in. Once you have granted access, you will be redirected back to Shiptheory where you can test your connection to NetSuite.  If you see a green tick as shown below then you've successfully linked NetSuite to Shiptheory.