What Is FedEx One Rate?

FedEx One Rate packaging is free when you use FedEx Express services for shipping. You can order packaging in the sizes you need at no cost and start shipping.

This is used as an enhancement when booking in orders on Shiptheory. You can select this within the Shipping Rules, or when manually printing.

How to use FedEx One Rate on Shiptheory

To achieve this within the Shipping Rules, select your FedEx Express Service:

From here, you will be prompted with an optional enhancement field, in this field, you can select FedEx One Rate:

To achieve this through manually booking consignments, you will do similar to the above. Simply locate the shipment you wish to book in > select FedEx as the carrier, then select your FedEx Express service:

From here, just as above, select FedEx One Rate from the enhancements field.

For more information on FedEx One Rate, please see FedEx's official site here

If you have any questions or issues regarding any of the steps laid out above, please feel free to Contact Support!