The Error:

When trying to book in an order within Shiptheory with EVRi Corporate, you may get the error shown in the image below.

The Solution:

This error is caused because within your EVRi Corporate settings in Shiptheory, it is setup to send out a notification to the customer. However, on this specific order, it does not contain the relevant contact information to be able to provide that notification. This could either be the customer's contact email address or phone number.

To add the contact information to the shipment, click View on the order in Shiptheory, and scroll down until you see the options shown below. Here you will need to add the relevent information, and then you can manually book that order in again at the top of this pop-up window.

Where can I turn the notification setting off?

Within the advanced settings for EVRI Corporate in Shiptheory, you will find the Send Notifications setting. This is where you are able to set which kind of notification is sent for your EVRi order. 

If you wish to disable all notifications, switch the setting to Disabled.

Have any questions about using EVRi with Shiptheory? One of our Support Team would be happy to help!