This guide will explain the Address Validation feature in Shiptheory and will help you get setup and started!

What Is Address Validation?

Address Validation is a feature which will allow you to have order addresses automatically update, in the case where a recipient address is invalid in a shipment.

When are addresses validated?

Addresses are validated (and automatically corrected, as per your settings) just before they are booked in with a carrier, regardless of if you are using shipping rules, shipping manually or shipping via our API. Currently only UK addresses, which also includes Jersey and Guernsey, are validated. However, if you're wanting to use this feature for International Shipments, this is not currently supported. Please contact our Support Team if you're interested in using this for International Shipments.

Enabling Address Validation

To enable the Address Validation feature on your Shiptheory account, head to the Shiptheory Dashboard, then click on your email address, then click on Advanced then click on Address Validation.

This will bring you to a page where you can configure the Address Validation feature. To enable this click on the toggle next to "Enable Address Validation"

Address Validation Failed Status

In the event that the Address Validation fails, you can set the status of the shipment to either Failed or Waiting

This option is totally down to personal preference so feel free to pick either option, whatever works best for your workflow.

Failed - Will move the Shipment to the Failed Status.

Waiting - Will move the Shipment to the Waiting Status.

Address Auto-Correction

This feature can be enabled by clicking on the toggle next to Enable Address Auto-Correction this feature will automatically update any shipment addresses in Shiptheory that require minor corrections to pass validation before booking any shipping labels.

There are three options for changes that Shiptheory can make here. These being;

Capitalise Address - This will Auto-Correct addresses to be updated in either 'Normal Case' or 'Upper Case' 

Capitalise Address Town & City - This will Auto-Correct the Town and City address fields to be in either 'Normal Case' or 'Upper Case' 

Use Any County - This will either only include a Postal County, if one exists, or this will return any available county.