To connect Circle Express to your Shiptheory account, navigate to the Carrier Integrations Page and scroll down until you find Circle Express.

Once you have found Circle Express, hover over the icon and click on the + symbol to add Circle Express to your Shiptheory account.

Once you have clicked on the symbol, you will be taken to the configuration page in which you enter your Circle Express account details.

You will need to enter the following details in order to connect Shiptheory to Circle Express:

1. Circle Express Account Name

2. Circle Express Username

3. Circle Express Password - You will need to call Circle Express to request this.

4. Circle Express Site ID

If you are unsure of any of these details, please contact Circle Express as they will be able to clarify the details that need to be used here.

Once you have entered your account details, click on the "Test Connection", if you receive a green tick you have successfully connected Circle Express to your Shiptheory account.

If you receive an error and unsure, please contact our Support Team and we will be more than happy to help you!

Additional Information

There is one more option for Circle Express in Shiptheory. This option can be accessed by clicking the cog on the bottom left where it says Advanced Settings

From here, you will be able to specify whether you want Test labels or Real labels with Circle Express.

Test mode does not produce real labels on your account and as such these labels are not chargeable.

Real labels produces real labels on your account and as such these labels are chargeable.