Important: This article apply to a Warehouse Shipment in which the status of the Shipment is respected.

Create Sale Order

You will need a Sale Order first. Goto Sale Order, and click +New:

Choose your Customer and populate your Sales Order lines like below. You will need to enter information like Unit of Measure Code, Quantity, and Qty. to Ship, etc:

Fill in other information as necessary, scroll down and fill in the Shipment Date as well. The Sale Orders status has to be changed to Released before a Warehouse Shipment can be created.

You can create a Warehouse Shipment with multiple Sales Orders in it: to do this, press and hold SHIFT, and click to select the Sales Orders, choose Process > Create Warehouse Shipment as shown below:

Save the Sale Order, go back to the page that lists the Sale Orders, and choose Create Warehouse Shipment:

A new Warehouse Shipment will be created.

The Warehouse Shipment

The Warehouse Shipment is located in Planning & Operations > Warehouse Documents > Warehouse Shipments:

The Location Code is required if you choose "Download and use Warehouse Address" in the setting page. Please refer to the article Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Shiptheory for more information.

By the default the Status of the Warehouse Shipment is Open.

When it is ready to be downloaded into Shiptheory, you need to change its Status to Released. Shiptheory will automatically connect to Business Central and download the shipment. If you have setup Shipping Rules, you can even have your shipment automatically booked in with the right courier. You can read more about the status in Shipment status in a warehouse shipment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

If you have any trouble with getting setup, unsure of what information to include or just need any clarification - you can reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help.