How is the weight of a shipment calculated ?

This article will assist you to include the weight of the Item(s) in the Warehouse Shipment. Some courier(s) require the weight for shipment booking.

The weight used is measured in kilograms (kg) , and the weight of a shipment (per Sale Order) is calculated as followed:

The weight of whole shipment  = Sum of the weight of all Sale Order lines

The weight of a Sale Order = (Quantity of the item) x (Weight Per Unit of Measurment of the item)

For example, if your warehouse shipment contains Sale Orders, and the "Unit Of Measurement" is in "PCS":

For Sales Order 1: 5pcs of High Chair, with weightPerUOM = 4kg, weight of a sale order = 5 x 4 (kg) = 20 kg. 

For Sales Order 2: 6pcs of Desk Lamp, with weightPerUOM = 3kg, weight of a sale order = 6 x 3 (kg) = 18 kg.

As a result, the weight of the whole shipment is = 20kg + 18kg = 38kg.

* Weight Per Unit of Measurment  = weightPerUOM. 

How to set the Weight in "Unit Of Measurement" for an item in Business Central?

First, locate the Item Card for the item, click Related > Item > Units Of Measure:

Choose Unit of Measure choose a Code, and enter "Weight" as shown below. You may also enter the dimensions (height, width, length) for this Unit Of Measure:

If you have any trouble with getting setup, unsure of what information to include or just need any clarification - you can reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help.