To link shipping methods from Wix to Shiptheory, you will have to create Shipping Rules within Shiptheory to identify when a Shipping Profile is being used with an order from Wix

Setting up the Shipping Profile on Wix

Step 1: Set up Shipping Regions:

By default in Wix, you will see two shipping regions added automatically: one for your own country and one for new regions "international". From here, you can choose which countries or specific locations you want to ship to by clicking "Add Region" in Wix.

Step 2: Choose a shipping rule for each region

The next step is to create a shipping rule for each location that you want to ship to. This can be achieved by clicking the "Edit Shipping Rule" and navigation the "drop down menu" for the regions you want to add shipping options to.

Step 3: Offer different shipping options to your customers, this can be achieved by clicking on the "Add Another Delivery Option" and make a note of the name of the service that you have added. e.g "Standard Shipping"

Step 4: Open your Shiptheory Dashboard and navigate to the "Shipping Rules" page

Then, click on "Add New Rule"

When you have entered the "New Shipping Rule" page, fill in the top boxes with your desired "Carrier" and "Service", then navigate down to the "Edit Formula" section and select Shipping Method > Equals > Custom > Rate Name e.g "Standard Shipping". Make sure that you input the rate name to match that of Wix, this is text sensitive, once this is complete create the rest of the rule to match your preference.

Once this is done, orders that come into Shiptheory using a Wix Shipping Profile will be recognized by the Shipping Rules by using the Rate Name of the Shipping Profile and will match the order to this rule

Once all of this is setup, you can check that the rule is working by going to one of your shipments, clicking on the drop down box and clicking view and clicking on "Expand Details" 

Then scroll down and find the "Shipping Method" and that should match the method that you previously defined in the Shipping Rules, in this example it is set up as "RATE NAME"

Still stuck or have further questions? Please get in touch with our support team.