When configuring your Fast Despatch account with Shiptheory, you'll also have a couple of Advanced Settings to configure. If you've yet to connect Fast Despatch with Shiptheory, please see this guide here: Getting Started with Fast Despatch Logistics and Shiptheory.

To access the advanced settings for Fast Despatch, click the option in the bottom left of the setup page in Shiptheory:

Within this, you'll see the following two options:

This allows you to set the connection to "Test" or "Live" mode. Essentially, it means that you can either have orders book directly to the Fast Despatch system, when you're wanting the orders to be live. Or, you can set it to test mode, which will allow you to book in orders without them actually sending through to the Fast Despatch system. This is useful for those wishing to test out their workflow, printing and other functions without risking actual orders being sent through.

The second option here allows you to choose which Cash on Delivery type should be used when you book an order in with the Cash on Delivery enhancement. By default, this will be set to cash, but as you can see, you can also select Bank Transfer or FDL Credit. If you don't use Cash on Delivery in your shipments, you can leave this setting unchanged and it won't affect anything.

Once you've made your needed changes, be sure to scroll up and hit "save".

If you have any issues or questions with setup, please feel free to Contact Support.