To add Fast Despatch Logistics to your Shiptheory account, the first step will be to head to "Manage Carriers":

On that page, you'll want to scroll down and select Fast Despatch Logistics to add to your account, you can add this by clicking the green plus in the top right corner of the square:

1. The main piece of information Shiptheory will need to connect to your Fast Despatch account is your UUID. To acquire this, you can contact the Fast Despatch helpdesk, as they'll then be able to provide this information. Once you've put it into Shiptheory, Shiptheory will be able to book shipments on your behalf.

2. The next thing to select is which currency your shipments to Fast Despatch are in by default. As, if you don't specify a currency from your channel, the currency specified in this setting will be used.

3. Finally, you can specify the Default Dimensions of your packages that you send to Fast Despatch in centimetres here. This will then populate the dimensions to Fast Despatch when needed with these values.

Once you've finished configuring those settings, you can hit "Test Connection" to ensure that your UUID is correct and is being recognised by the Fast Despatch system:

Once done, hit "Save".

There are some additional settings to configure if needed in the "Advanced Settings" section:

For more information about these options, please see here: Fast Despatch Logistics Advanced Settings

If you have any issues or questions with setup, please feel free to Contact Support.