Before you will be able to go live with Tuffnells, a test pack containing some test labels, and additional electronic documentation must be submitted to the Tuffnells team.

If you would like Shiptheory Support to do this for you, please get in touch with us, otherwise you can follow the below steps to ensure that we can get you set up as quick as possible!

1) You will need to add Tuffnells as a carrier on your Shiptheory account, to find this please click on your Email address -> Manage Carriers -> Scroll until you find Tuffnells -> Click on the Tuffnells Logo

2) From this page you will want to input your Tuffnells Account Number this is 8 digits and will be provided by Tuffnells.

3) Contact our Support Team, and ask us to generate a test pack on your Shiptheory account!

Note: You will notice 4 test orders booked with Tuffnells, please note you will not be charged for this.

4) Once we have acknowledged the request we'll gather the needed data and have it sent over to Tuffnells, usually by the end of the day

5) Tuffnells will review the information that we provide them, and will send us a confirmation that your account is ready to go live alongside sending us the needed FTP details

6) After we have completed communication with Tuffnells, we will get back to you letting you know that your account is live!

If you have come across any issues, or need any help with this. One of our Support Team would be happy to give you a hand!