Things to check if your shipment isn't appearing in Shiptheory

  1. Is the SuiteApp installed?
  2. Have you configured your API key and trigger settings in the Shiptheory settings page on NetSuite.
  3. Are there any errors in the notes section of your record (simple errors) or in the script's execution log (advanced errors)?

Changing the Status of an Item Fulfilment

If you are sending item fulfilments to Shiptheory, when changing the status of an item fulfilment, clicking the 'Mark Packed' button will not trigger the script to send the fulfilment to Shiptheory. If you have done this, you can trigger the fulfilment to be sent by clicking 'Edit' on the fulfilment and then resaving it.

The best way to change the status of an item fulfilment is to 'Edit' the item fulfilment and change the status on the edit screen and click 'Save'.

We're aware that this is an inconvenience and seek to change this in the near future.

Duplicating Sales Orders and Item Fulfillments

If you duplicate a Sales Order or and Item Fulfillment which has already been sent to Shiptheory you will need to delete the value of custbody_sent_to_shiptheory (don't delete the field itself. Just delete the '1' contained within it) on your duplicated shipment. When you save your changes the shipment will be sent to Shiptheory if it has the correct trigger status. 

Simple Errors

The easiest way to see if a shipment has been sent from NetSuite to Shiptheory is to check the notes section of the Sales Order or Item Fulfillment you expected to see in your Shiptheory dashboard. 

For example if a record has been successfully sent to Shiptheory then you should see a message like:

Otherwise, in the event of an error, you may see a message like: 

Advanced Errors

If an error occurs you can go here: Customization > Scripting > Scripts

Find the Shiptheory script and click View. 

Go the the Execution Log tab. Here you can see the full error that caused the script to fail.