If you ship to Norway via Deutsche Post, you may be aware of the VOEC scheme which, if a shipment contains products which individually fall within a VOEC eligible category and are below 3000 Norwegian Krone, require you to provide your VOEC number at customers for duties and VAT reasons.

Within Shiptheory you are given the ability to mark your shipments as VOEC Eligible via the enhancements dropdown

Alongside this you will need to make sure you have currency conversions setup between any currencies you sell in and Norwegian Krone (NOK) which you can do so on this page

From the currency page you can view, edit and delete any currency conversion rates for your company. You need only add one conversion rate per pair of currencies and Shiptheory will use this to calculate the reverse conversion rate for inclusion on customs information.  

For example: If you add a conversion rate from Norwegian Krone (NOK) to Great British Pound (GBP) of 0.58 then Shiptheory will calculate the reverse for a shipment going from GBP to NOK with a rate of 1.73 (rounded to two decimal places).

To add a new currency conversion click "add conversion". Then select the currency you wish to convert from and the currency you wish to convert to and add the rate. 

When  you are done click save and the new rate will appear in the table above.