When selecting your Amazon Shipping service conditions in Shiptheory, you also have the option to select additional Delivery Enhancements to help narrow down the final selected service.

The Delivery Enhancements list in Shiptheory comprises all of the options offered by all carriers enrolled in Amazon Shipping that we are aware of, but please note that not all options are available or used by all carriers. One carrier may offer a Next Day delivery service with a Signature enhancement, whereas another carrier might simply add a whole separate "Next Day with Signature" service.

Due to the extensive number of carriers and services available on Amazon Shipping, we are unable to offer a list of which services are available with which carrier and on which services.

Note: Some delivery enhancements are required by some carrier services. If Shiptheory must select an enhancement for a selected carrier service, we will always endeavour to select the lowest cost option.

Delivery Enhancement Match Mode

In your Amazon Shipping settings in Shiptheory, in the Advanced Settings section, there is an option called Service Enhancement Match Mode. This controls the way that Shiptheory performs its Delivery Enhancements comparisons when selecting your shipping services.

The two options are: Match at least the enhancements and Match exactly the enhancements. Put simply, 'Match at least the enhancements' looks to find at least one of any selected Delivery Enhancements in a service option returned by Amazon Shipping for it to be considered eligible, whereas 'Match exactly the enhancements requires all of any selected Delivery Enhancements to be offered by any eligible shipping service.

An example:

Valid services offered by Amazon:

  1. Service A + No enhancements (£2.95)
  2. Service B + Enhancement X (£3.95)
  3. Service C + Enhancement X + Enhancement Y (£4.25)
  4. Service D + Enhancement X + Enhancement Y + Enhancement Z (£4.55)

  • Case 1: No Enhancements selected in Shiptheory
    Selected Service: #1 @ £2.95

  • Case 2: Enhancement X selected in Shiptheory (Match Mode: 'At Least' or 'Exactly')
    Selected Service: #2 @ £3.95

  • Case 3: Enhancements X & Z selected in Shiptheory (Match Mode: 'At Least')
    Selected Service: #4 @ £4.55

  • Case 3: Enhancements X & Z selected in Shiptheory (Match Mode: 'Exactly')
    Selected Service: No service selected since no services offer exactly (only) enhancements X & Z

If you face any problems or have any questions regarding shipping with Amazon, please just reach out to the Shiptheory Support Team