When using DHL all of your orders will appear within their SHIP platform so that you are able to amend or delete shipments when needed.

For the SHIP system you may notice that before 10AM these shipments will not appear within the portal, this is expected behaviour, this is because SHIP only shows shipments booked throughout the day after 10AM. Once this time has passed it will not appear within the portal until 10AM the following day. 

For people who need to delete these shipments there is a 24 hour window in which you can cancel this order otherwise you will be charged.

Orders still not appearing within SHIP? The next step is to check to see if the order is booked in, for successful orders they should appear as "Complete" as shown below.

If the order is appearing as Complete but still does not appear within SHIP it would first be best to talk to your DHL account manager.

Still unable to view shipments within SHIP? Get in touch with our support team here