To connect to within Shiptheory you will need to open an API account to be able to integrate DPD with Shiptheory. Already got API credentials? Check out our getting started guide here!

To be able to open an account you will first need to fill out the API form which can also be found here

Within the form you will be asked to enter details you should already have to hand, for example Company name, Account number and EORI number, if you do not it will be best to reach out to your account manager before you proceed.

For some of the questions these are specific to a Shiptheory integration and should be as follows:

What is the integration type requested?

Answer: API

3rd Party Platform: (Please note some platforms charge for the use of their services. Make sure to check at the source)

Answer: Other (Note Ensure that you have also entered Shiptheory within the text box below)

What form of tracking is required?

Answer: API

That is it! Once this has been sent across you should get an email from with the integration details if all successful and you can then use our Getting started with guide to help you get started with Shiptheory!

If you are stuck on the form or if you have any additional questions please get in touch with our support team here!