When sending orders from your Unleashed store, you may notice that the Shipping Company field on Unleashed shows the incorrect courier when updating with tracking from Shiptheory. 

For example, the order below was sent with DHL, but shows as DPD:

In order to resolve this, there are a couple of settings that can be changed across both Unleashed and Shiptheory. Firstly, within Unleashed, it is recommended to 'obsolete' any unused courier from your Shipping Companies page and make sure the couriers that you do use are all populated. Unleashed also have a guide on shipping companies, available here.

Additionally, there is a setting within your Unleashed channel on Shiptheory to update Unleashed orders with the courier name. If this setting is not currently used, it may be an idea to switch this on. 

If you continue to have any issues with this, please get in touch with support and we would be happy to help!