Once you've added your IOSS number to Shiptheory and managed your currency limits which dictate when IOSS is applied, you still need to specify that these shipments are paid for by the sender. As IOSS is in place to cover duty fees from the sender's side, Shiptheory and DHL need this to be defined so that the recipient is not charged.

This is achievable in two ways through Shiptheory. The first is a global setting applicable to all DHL shipments. First, navigate to your DHL carrier page:

Then you can select the Duty Payee, which would need to be The Recipient to be IOSS applicable:


Of course, it is likely that this global setting won't apply to all of your shipments. In this case, you'll need to specify who pays duty through your shipping rules.

When creating a shipping rule where the Recipient Country is a European country that is IOSS-applicable, you can add an enhancement to the selected DHL service which dictates who pays the duty. This, again, would need to be Sender for IOSS.

Shiptheory will prioritise the payor specified in your rule over the global setting on your DHL page, allowing you to be as specific as you need to be with regard to countries and currency limits.

If you still need some further help or clarification with this, get in touch with our support team and we'd be happy to assisst. you.