During the process of connecting your DPD Local account there are fields which we require to connect to your DPD Local account.

These include: Account Number, DPD Local Username, DPD Local Password

During this set up you may experience the below error when trying to connect your account

This error often means that the credentials are incorrect, it may be worth ensuring that the details you have inputted are in fact correct or check with your DPD Local account manager they have supplied the correct details.

If this is done the final step is to ensure that the password does not contain some special characters such as '£'. This is due to we are unable to authenticate this password and will return as incorrect details. We do accept characters such as '!, $ and @ 

If your password includes the special characters which are not allowed please reset your DPD Local password and then try again with the integration.

If this has been done and you are still experiencing issues please reach out to our support team so that they can help assist you further.