If you have a screen similar to the below where the Shiptheory loading screen is not disappearing while trying to load shipments or web pages follow our troubleshooting guide below.

First is to ensure the tab is maximised, a quick way to see if the tab size is an issue is to press F11 (For Windows) or Fn+F11 (For Mac). 

If you are still experiencing issues the next step would be to ensure the size of your tab is correct. This can be found in the browser settings.

For Windows

For all browsers on Windows this can be found in the top right where the 3 dots are located. Ensure the size is set to 100% as any bigger or smaller can cause issues with Shipments loading.

For Mac

For Mac once you are using safari or similar you will need to click 'View' in the top bar of the Mac. Once there you will be able to resize the current page

If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to our support team so that they can assist with additional troubleshooting.