When a Sales Order is shipped with Shiptheory can automatically generate a new Item Fulfillment and pass it tracking information from your selected carrier. This functionality is enabled by default when creating a new NetSuite integration. To turn this setting on and off go to your advanced settings and look for an option called Create Item Fulfillment. 

Sales Order and Item Fulfillment Notes

  • If a Shipment is created from a Sales Order then some shipment messages will appear on the Sales Order and some on the Item Fulfillment. 
  • If a Shipment is created from an Item Fulfillment then all shipment messages will appear on the Item Fulfillment. 

Item Fulfillment Statuses

Item Fulfillments in NetSuite have 3 status options which are all supported by Shiptheory:

  • Picked
  • Packed
  • Shipped

You can use the Item Fulfillment Status setting to control which status you would like Item Fulfillments to be created as. If you are downloading Item Fulfillments instead of sales orders into Shiptheory, then this setting will control what status your downloaded Item Fulfillment will be updated to in NetSuite. 


Shiptheory can return a tracking number and a tracking link to NetSuite via Item Fulfillment Custom fields. If you do not know how to make custom fields for an item fulfillment in Shiptheory then see Using Custom Fields in NetSuite. You can find your Item Fulfillment custom field settings in your NetSuite advanced settings.