Delivery Addresses

Shiptheory requires a first and last name to be provided before we can ship with a carrier. Customers not classed as 'individuals' in Netsuite do not have a first and last name in their address data. Therefore Shiptheory splits the name of the business out into a faux first and last name. 

For example: 

Test Company Inc would become -> First Name: Test, Last Name: Company Inc.

Sender Addresses

Getting the Sender's Address

The sender address is derived from your NetSuite Order by default. If it does not exist then an error is thrown. However, if you wish you can disable this behaviour and use your Shipping Location in Shiptheory instead of an address provided by NetSuite. To do this go to your NetSuite integration advanced settings and find the "Sender Address Options" setting.

By default Shiptheory will try to use the address provided by NetSuite and throw an error if it does not exist. You can change the address fallback setting to "Use Fallback" to make Shiptheory use your shipping location address if the sender address is missing from your NetSuite order.

If you never have a sender address attributed to your NetSuite orders, then you can change the main option to "User Shiptheory Address" which will make Shiptheory always use your shipping location address.

Address completeness

During testing we found Netsuite sender address information to sometimes be sent to us in an incomplete form. To ensure that you encounter no problems when shipping with carriers we have added the following fields in advanced settings which will be used to complete incomplete sender addresses.