The Delay Collection setting in your DHL Parcel UK settings in Shiptheory allows you to 'pause' collections until this date.

For example, if the date is 21st December 2021 and you set a deferred date to 24th December 2021 shipments booked before the Delay Collection date will be booked with a collection date that you have selected. Dates are in GMT/BST.

The Delay Collection date must be within the next 7 days. This is useful for when you want to skip bank holiday collections.

Once this date has passed and is in the past, this will be ignored and the usual collection date will apply.

This option will be applied irrespective of having the Deferred API enabled with DHL Parcel UK.

Navigate to your DHL Parcel UK settings in Shiptheory and in the bottom-left click the grey Advanced Settings icon.

Scroll down to the Delay Collection setting and pick a suitable date within 7 days of the current date:

Click Save.

If you have any questions about the Deferred API, please contact your DHL Parcel UK account manager. For any further help or questions about Shiptheory such as the Delay Collection setting, just reach out to the Shiptheory support team!