Due to some constraints of Deutsche Post International when there's more than five products in an international shipment, the value on the commercial invoice is only the sum of the first five products and not the value of all the products in the shipment. The excess products won't be summed or shown on the CN22 generated by Deutsche Post International. 

At Shiptheory we have built a work around to group products with the same commodity data (see below to enable this) although this may not entirely fix the issue for shipments containing lots of products. By enabling product consolidation Shiptheory will try to preserve the net value and net weight of the shipment while grouping products with matching commodity description, origin and code. However, if after grouping there's still more than grouped product (grouped by commodity information) any excess ones will still be omitted from the CN22. This due to the limitations of Deutsche Post International.

For these orders, a workaround could be to split them up into multiple shipments and to have them come into Shiptheory as separate bookings. This would then mean that the bookings would all contain accurate information for all the products. If you'd like any help with that, please feel free to Contact Support.

Enable product consolidation

You can enable product consolidation in your 'Deutsche Post International' advanced settings. 


Once on the advanced settings slide down, scroll down to the "Consolidate Product Data" select box and select "Yes, consolidate products"

Then click the save button to save your new settings.