If you receive the message "Please check product dimensions for SKU: 12345. Calculated Cube volume too low, must be greater than 0.001 cubic meters.".

Ensure the dimensions of the product you are shipping is of sufficient size in cm.

You will receive this message as Panther expect a volume for the shipment to be provided in square metres (also know as cbm), to help you work out if your item(s) are suitable for shipping with this carrier you can calculate cbm with the help of the following example:

(cm x cm x cm) / 1,000,000 = cbm

The result of the above must be grater than 0.001 cubic meters (or the result multiplied by quantity if more than 1 item of the same SKU).


Product A is 56cm x 47cm x 120cm = 315,840 / 1,000,000 = 0.31584 cbm

In the above example if 2xProduct A is ordered we expect a value of:

2 x 0.31584 = 0.63168

As a guide, a single item with dimensions of 10 cm length x 10 cm width x 10 cm height will give a cbm of 0.001.