When booking in shipments with TNT, by default, Shiptheory will automatically book in a collection daily for TNT. This means that as you book throughout the day, orders will be automatically added to the collection for TNT.

However, if you're wanting some more control over this, and would like Shiptheory to not automatically book your collections, there is a setting for this. On your TNT settings page in Shiptheory and scroll down to "advanced settings":

From there, scroll down further until you see the following setting:

By default, this will be set to yes, but you can change this if needed.

When using the manual collections option, it's important to note that when you are wanting a collection made with TNT that day, you'll need to book one order in with the "Book Collection" enhancement. To do this, you'll want to ensure that for one order, when booking, you add the "Book Collection" as shown below:

Tracking Issues-

Another thing that's important to note, is that some customers may experience issues with tracking not being available through TNT when booking orders. If this is the case for you, it's recommended to turn on manual collections instead and follow the process outlined above, as this should then solve those issues.

If you have any issues from there, please Contact Support.