When sending orders with Shiptheory from Brightpearl, Shiptheory will by default use the sell price to send through to carriers and display.

However, there are now some more options for if the sell price on a product is zero.

This can cause issues normally, as some carriers require all products to have at least some value, especially when sending internationally. But if you're not charging customers for these products, it can cause some confliction. However, there is now an option to specify whether you'd like to pull through sell price or cost price.

To access this, head into your advanced settings for Brightpearl in the bottom left of the page in Shiptheory:

Then, scroll down until you see this setting:

As you can see, there are three options. These are discussed below;

Leave Product Value as 0 - This is the default option and will mean that even if a product with a sell price of 0 is received into Shiptheory, that will still be used, rather than any alternate field.

Update Product Value in Shiptheory- This means that the cost price will be used instead of the zero sell price. It also means that Shiptheory will update the price of that product in our internal catalogue for future orders. This setting is recommended for if you always want to use the cost price rather than the zero value for that product.

Set Product Value for Shipment Only- This again means that the cost price will be used instead of the zero price. However, it won't update the Shiptheory catalogue and will only be used on a per order basis. This is recommended for if you're not always wanting the positive value to be used rather than the zero.

If you have any questions from there, please feel free to Contact Support.