Sometimes, it may be the case that when creating rules in your Shiptheory account, an order may meet the criteria for 2 or more rules. As such, this could mean that an order may match with a rule you don't want it to.

In times like this, we recommend setting up your rules with an "Importance Value"; this essentially is a way of giving priority to certain rules, so that if an order matches with 2 rules, the rule with the higher importance value will take precedence. By default, all rules will have the same priority, and no importance value set, but you can add them onto your rules manually.

To do this, access the rule you wish to add importance to and head into the advanced settings in the bottom left corner:

There you can set an importance value to the rule. It's important to remember that a higher number means a higher importance:

Once saved, your rules will then appear in the order of importance, so you can more easily visualise the priority of each one:

If you have any issues or questions regarding this, please feel free to Contact Support.