When using the Integrated Labels system with Shiptheory, it's now possible to have a template apply only to a specific carrier instance in your account, rather than a collection of carriers that share the same label size.

This will be useful for customers who use a lot of carriers and want more specific control over what prints for each one. To do this, you can either create a new template or edit an existing one. When on the template creator, you'll first need to select the label size for the carrier, the carriers that use each label size will be displayed to save you needing to work this out:

After selecting this, you can choose to have the template used for all carriers that share this size, or specific carriers:

As you can see, you can select one or multiple as needed. Once you've selected these and made the template as required, make sure you save your work and that will then take affect on all orders from that point onwards.

If you have any issues from there, please Contact Support.