When using Shiptheory, it may be the case that you have specific orders in your channel that you don't want Shiptheory to automatically book. Perhaps these are shop orders, or are done alternatively.
Regardless, there's a way in the Shiptheory rules to ensure that these orders don't automatically book in and instead are put to the side; this is done by setting up an "Ignore Rule".

To set up an Ignore Rule, you'll firstly want to head into your Shiptheory rules and click "Add New Rule" as usual. The main difference hear though will be that you'll leave the carrier and service fields blank:

As for the criteria, this will be done as with any rule; you'll want to find some common criteria that these orders will match up with. Perhaps they share a shipping method? Or perhaps they're all addressed to the same place? Either way, once you've added the criteria, your rule will look something like this:

One other thing to make sure of, is that orders that match this order rule aren't overruled by any other rules. To do this, you'll want to ensure you give them an importance value higher than your other rules (so long as this rule won't match any orders that actually need to book). To do this, head into the "advanced settings":

There, you can add an importance value:

Once done, hit "save" and you should see your new Ignore Rule amongst any other rules you have:

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to Contact Support.