When using Royal Mail with Shiptheory, it's also possible to use either Tracked Returns 24 or Tracked Returns 48 to add return labels to your shipments.


If you're going through the process of adding Royal Mail to your account for the first time, when selecting your desired services, you're able to also select Royal Mail Returns:

If you already use Royal Mail with Shiptheory but are wanting to start using returns, that's no problem. You'll either want to Contact Support or call us on 0117 403 4313.

IMPORTANT- For Returns to be added in Shiptheory, they'll need to first be enabled in your Royal Mail OBA account. If you're unsure of whether you have these enabled, it's best to check with Royal Mail.

Using with Rules-

One of the ways to use Returns with Shiptheory is to add them to your rules. Essentially, this will mean that every order that matches said rule, will also have a Returns label generated for it alongside the regular outbound label. The setup for this can be found at the bottom of the page when creating/editing a rule:

Generating Returns from the Dashboard-

Another way to generate a Returns label is to manually select an already booked order on your dashboard and select Return. This option allows some more flexibility, if your Returns are more ad-hoc rather than for every order, this may be the way to do it. When you select "Return" on an order, you can then confirm the Return service and get that generated:

Creating a Returns Only Order

If you have an order that you don't want an outbound label for, and instead only want to have a Returns Label generate for it, this is also possible. To do this, you can select an unbooked order in the Shiptheory dashboard and hit "view". On the order, you can then select the desired service at the top, "Tracked Returns" should be in this list:

If you have any issues or questions on this, please feel free to Contact Support.