In the Shiptheory rules engine, you'll notice one of the criteria that can be used to match orders is the "Channel Name". This means that you can have the orders match rules based on what channel they were sent to Shiptheory from.

However, it may be the case that you have multiple of the same channel connected to Shiptheory; for example, you may have multiple Shopify stores connected to the same Shiptheory account. By default, these would both be called "Shopify", and as such, wouldn't appear separately on the "Channel Name" criteria:

However, to avoid this, you can rename one or both of the channels so that they each have a unique name. To do this, head into your "Manage Channels" page:

If you then click on the channel you want to rename, and type the new name for this connection, (even something simple like Shopify 2 will work):

Once renamed, if you head back onto the rules and check the channel name criteria again, you should now see the two channel instances separate on the rule options:

If you have any questions or issues from there, please feel free to Contact Support.