When booking with Shiptheory, it may be the case that the weight passed to Shiptheory from your channel isn't quite correct. For example, some users have additional packaging weights, that their channel doesn't send through to Shiptheory, but is still required when sending the weights through to the carrier.

There's a feature in the Shiptheory rules engine that now can work around that issue; you can add a set amount of weight onto each order.

Within your rules, you'll find the advanced settings option:

Within the Advanced Settings, there's an option to "Update Shipment Details"; this is what we're looking for. Within this, you can select "weight" as the field to edit, and select "Add":

You can then fill in the field with the amount of weight you'd like to add to each order that matches the rule in question. For example, in the above screenshot, if an order came through with a weight of 1kg and matched this rule, the weight sent to the carrier would be 1.5kg.

One important thing to note is that this only updates the order total weight. Individual product weights won't be changed by this.

If you have any issues or questions regarding this, please Contact Support.