If you are shipping with Palletways, you are required to specify the dimensions of the pallets in your consignments. There are a couple of ways to tackle this in Shiptheory, as documented below. Both of these approaches apply to both automatic shipping rules and manually booking a shipment.

Specifying a Format

If you Select a Format, the selected pallet type will apply to all of the pallets in your shipment with the Default Pallet Dimensions specified in your Palletways settings. The number of pallets in the shipment is determined by the number of Boxes specified in the shipment details.

Manually Selecting Pallet Sizes

If you require more flexibility when creating Palletways consignments, you can use Shiptheory's Package Sizes. Click here to open your Package Sizes in Shiptheory.

Create a Package Size for each of the Pallet Types you intend to use with Palletways making sure to complete all of the dimensions. The package names must be one of the following: Full Pallet, Large Pallet, Half Pallet, Quarter Pallet, Mini Quarter Pallet.

Once you have defined your Packages. you can create automatic shipping rules or book shipments with mixed pallet types. Select Palletways as the carrier, select a service and then add packages from your defined types:

Need a Demo or Have Question?

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