When booking in with DPD or DPD Local, you may find that you have an order Failed with the error message of:

"DPD Validation error (1030) Product country of origin not found (parcel x, product x): consignment.parcel.parcelProduct.countryOfOrigin"

This will likely be seen when sending internationally, and is due to some of the product information provided being either absent or incorrect. To double check this, hit "view" on the order in your dashboard and scroll down to the products, you'll then want to see the field "Manufactured In":

The first thing to check is that information is present there. If there is none, you'll want to ensure that you pass over this information from your channel if possible.

The next thing to check is that this is correct. It's important that you don't provide the full country of manufacture, but rather the two digit ISO code for that country. Such as US for the United States and GB for Great Britain. This can either be corrected in your channel, and then by hitting retry on the order. Or, it can be corrected manually in your Shiptheory product catalogue here: https://helm.shiptheory.com/products

However, it's worth noting that Shiptheory will update the information used for products each time an order is sent from your channel containing said product. This means that in order to make your changes long term, you'll want to ensure this is all correct in your channel.

If you have any issues from there, please Contact Support.