When sending orders to DPD, Shiptheory will also send through product information where needed; this is more common with international orders where sending the product commodity information is required.

As long as your product information has been sent through to Shiptheory, it will then send through automatically to DPD when required.

DPD may call the product fields something different than you see in Shiptheory, so it's worth being aware of what these fields translate to and the requirements for them.

productItemsDescription - This is a 200 character maximum field that is taken from the "Product Name" field in Shiptheory:

productTypeDescription - This is a 40 character maximum field that is taken from the "Product Description" field in Shiptheory:

If you're ever unsure about what information Shiptheory has and will send for your products, you can double check this in your Shiptheory Product Catalogue here.