Shiptheory provides a basic Royal Mail PPI label integration for those of you that do not use barcoded Royal Mail labels. You can enable this from the Manage Carriers page in the main menu, search for "PPI".

If you need to use barcodes on your PPI labels, you need to use the Shiptheory direct integration with Royal Mail's OBA system. Shiptheory is one of only a small number of providers that are authorised to create Royal Mail labels directly, without using a third party API. The OBA integration provides greater flexibility and tracking to Royal Mail customers.

I use UNG/UNH services, which are not available in OBA, what do I do?

If you use UNG or UNH services, your account handler at Royal Mail should be able to provide equivalent services in OBA.

My Royal Mail account handler told me I can't use OBA, what do I do?

If your Royal Mail account handler has informed you that moving to OBA is not an option, please contact us and provide your Royal Mail 9 or 10 digit account number, email address and business address as it is known to Royal Mail and we will contact your account handler directly to clarify the situation aid in the migration.

When contacting us for this issue, so that we can help you as quickly as possible, please remember to include:

  • Your Royal Mail 9 or 10 digit account number.
  • Your email address as known by Royal Mail.
  • Your company billing address as known by Royal Mail.